About Us

About us


Quality should never be ignored.

since 1999

Mission and Vision

As SM.Cr;

Since the first day of our establishment, in changing times, we continue to work by leading the industry in innovation and development chromium and accessories.

Our work has always reflect the best standards of quality for our customers. Visit our pride and pleasure of our company ‘s products and services, our service offering professionally to our valuable customers, and one of the other target is that we design and manufacture our products in Europe is being said around.





Our Team


Serkan Bilgin

General Manager

Caner Eriş

Design Engineer

Doğan Akdoğan

Production Engineer


Look even slightly believable. If you are going to use a passage.

Design and engineering
3D measurement
Finite Element Analysis (Strength)
Bollard pull test (experimental and certified)
Anchor pull test (experimental and certified)


Since 1997, we add value to Stainless Steel day by day with our quality difference.


SM YACHTS realizes all your production demands regardless the complications of shape and size for every special yacht prodcution.

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Serkan Bilgin meet the yacht and mega yacht construction sector thanks to his family maritime profession. He gained experience by working at Proteksan Turkuaz shipyard, RMK shipyard and at the Perini Navi Turkey Branch’s shipyard.

As a result of his experience, he established a joint company with his brothers under the name of Bilgin Kardeşler in 1997. With a different point of view and in order tos hare new ideas and provide beter quality for products in the Yacht sector, he etablished a small company named “KROMTEK” in 1998.

In order to increase its production capacity and reach bigger targets, he etablished the company “SM YACHT” in 1999.

SM YACHT made a contract with PERI YACHT for different yacht construction Projects that would start at Antalya. With this idea, Serkan Bilgin decided to open a branch in Antalya Free Zone in 2011.

In 2011, she decided to open a branch in Antalya Free Zone because Peri Yacht’s projects started to produce in Antalya. In the context of PERI YACHT, he realized all chrôme production accesories of “Hanukamatata”, “Desire” and “Ocean” ships. After all these productions, he started the projects with the company “SUNRISE”.  He figured out that the living and working quality standart is better than Istanbul’s.  With the thought of “ if you are not happy in life, you can not be at work “, he moved the SM YACHT headquarters to Antalya Free Zone in this regard.

By developing itself in the field of special production and introducing new and higher quality and developable Works, SM YACHT has opened the door of European Market.

With the philosophy of “Maintaining business quality and customer satisfaction”; the company has reached a certain position in the European Market and has gained a momentum rapidly.

Despite this upsurge, he is stil continuing his Works on behalf creating awareness that he intended to carry forward the advanced levels.